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Hannah before her surgery

**Warning: post surgery pictures may be disturbing to some viewers.**

Friday, June 20 - Hannah's Surgery

Today, Hannah had the surgery to amputate her left front leg.  If you have not read why this surgery was necessary, please click here.

The surgery took 1.5 hours and went well.  Hannah came through it with flying colors.  Currently she is resting, being kept comfortable and quiet as her body begins to heal.

Saturday, June 21

Hannah had an uneventful night, her first night post-surgery.  She is certainly a trooper!  Less than 24 hours after having her leg removed, she is getting around on her remaining three legs without any problems.  There is only the merest hesitation when she gets up from a lying position, and her balance is remarkable.  Not having used her leg except for balance since it was splinted and bandaged for a broken toe over two months ago, it seems that she has had ample opportunity for practicing life as a "tripod"!


             Pictures taken Saturday morning, less than 24 hours post surgery

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Monday, June 23

Hannah had a fairly quiet weekend.  However, she is a spirited girl and doesn't think she should always be crated!  Hannah continues to be exceptionally stable on three legs, and has not been hampered at all in getting around.  The little imp even snuck up a set of four stairs at one point when Ashley, her caretaker's, back was turned, bounding up like she'd always only had three legs to maneuver on!  There was no harm done, and she came back down with what appeared to be a big, mischevious grin on her face.

Understandably, it is tricky finding the correct regime of medicines to control Hannah's pain.  Hannah is constantly monitored for signs of discomfort, and her painkillers are adjusted accordingly.  On Sunday afternoon, she was panting and felt warm to the touch.  Her temperature was taken and proved to be normal.  As well, she was trembling slightly.  GIven all of this, Dr. Mark increased her painkillers from every 12 hours to every 6.  Despite this, on Sunday night during the night, Hannah was found to be panting again.  Therefore the dosage of her painkillers was increased and will be given every 12 hours to see if that keeps her comfortable.


   Muzzled to stop her licking her stitches!    Enjoying a few minutes in the sun

It was thought that Hannah may be able to go back to her foster home as early as today.  However, since the shunt in Hannah's shoulder is still draining, it will not be removed just yet.  This, on top of the fact that her painkillers are still being adjusted to find what works, means that she won't be released to her foster home for at least another 24 hours.

Thank you to Dr. Mark Rubensohn and his staff at Bridlewood Veterinary Clinic in Calgary for their

exemplary care of Hannah pre- and post-surgery!

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Wednesday, June 25

Hannah is back in her foster home! She was released Tuesday afternoon after her shunt was removed and she was deemed to be far enough along the road to recovery. Hannah requires twice daily cleansing of the incisions, and is on a daily regime of antibiotics and painkillers. She needs to wear her muzzle because she insists on licking and chewing her sutures. Hannah is kept crated during the day while there is no one home, but has someone in to check on her and let her outside a couple of times a day while her foster family is at work.  She is getting lots of rest, and doesn't seem to want much of a break from the crate (which is a huge wire crate that could probably fit another Hannah or two in it!). 

Yesterday, Hannah didn't eat all that well.  She seemed uninterested in food and just poked at it with her nose, leaving most of it untouched in her bowl.  She seemed tired, and wasn't really interested in much of anything.  However, this morning Hannah ate her whole breakfast, and then tried to get her nose into her foster brother's bowl to finish his food off.  And she did the same thing tonight!  Not only that, but this evening she was meandering around the yard, seemingly indifferent to her surroundings, until a couple of mosquitos started buzzing around her head.  Hannah became quite animated, jumping around, snapping at them and trying to catch them!  It was pretty amusing, and good to see some energy from her, even if it was due to some pesky bugs.  And we must say it didn't faze her at all to be jumping around on only three legs!  She managed it quite nicely.


Surrounding pictures are of Hannah relaxing & enjoying a nightly rubdown

Today Hannah also enjoyed a Healing Touch session courtesy of practitioner Leslie.  As well, she has been getting a nightly rubdown and massage, which seems to relax her.  Hannah loves the attention, and would lie there all day for it!

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Thursday, June 26

Comfiest pillow in the house!

Today was a good day.  Hannah is in good spirits, and spent more time out of her crate, moving around.  Up until now when she was released from her crate, she'd just find a place to lie down until it was time to go back in her crate.  Today when she got out of the crate, Hannah hopped a few laps around the yard.  And when she went back inside, she wandered around the house a little more, and just seemed to have more energy overall.  Hannah is starting not to need her more potent painkiller, and gets by more and more just on the MetaCam (which is kind of like aspirin).  Her incisions are healing really well, although she still licks at them when not muzzled.  Hannah is a good patient and stands quietly when her incisions are being cleaned.  She is an amazing girl, and we're hoping that the worst is over for her!

B-i-g stretch

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Tuesday, July 1

Hannah is doing just great these days.  Her progress has been steady, and she seems to be feeling so much better.  It's hard to imagine that it was only eleven short days ago that she had surgery to amputate her left front leg!  From Hannah's foster mom (who fostered Hannah prior to her amputation as well): "Hannah is almost back to normal because she seems to be enjoying her time outdoors more and more, relaxing on the grass and even trying to eat the weeds growing in the back garden!  As well she sure can move quickly when she wants to, zipping across the yard in no time!"

Relaxing in the summer sun

As we've related in prior entries, Hannah is a spirited girl.  We think she must really be feeling better because that fiestiness is showing itself again!  According to her foster mom: "the last couple of days Hannah has been less than cooperative when it comes to getting her stiches cleaned....I think they are getting itchy and the second we start cleaning them she seems determined to get her head in the way (she is trying her hardest to lick them, muzzle and all!). Today she even tried scratching at them with her hind foot when I was cleaning her up..."  Sounds like our Hannah is back in fine form!

Yoga enthusiasts, just try this!

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Friday, July 4

Today is two weeks post surgery.  Hannah had her stitches removed today!  Her foster mom said "Dr. Mark said she was looking very good, and he seemed quite pleased with the state of her healing. There is a small part (her incisions were in a Y shape, in the spot where they all meet) that still needs to heal up a bit better, but we just have to apply some polysporin to it a couple times a day, and make sure she doesn't lick at it...so I guess it will awhile longer with her muzzle."  Poor Hannah doesn't like wearing her muzzle very much, but hopefully removing the stitches will make the area feel better and perhaps she won't be as inclined to chew at it.

Monday, July 7

Report from Hannah's foster mom:  "The spots that weren't quiet healed up when the stitches came out are looking really good, they have formed a nice scab. I think she should be all healed up in a few more days. As well she hasn't needed any drugs since Saturday (when I gave her some meloxicam). We took her for a short walk yesterday evening, she was having a great time, even walking (in fact I'd say she was galloping) faster than (her foster greyhound brother) in the beginning, she was very excited to go out!!"

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In light of all of this, there doesn't seem to be any reason to keep Hannah on Medical Hold.  Therefore, Hannah is available for adoption!

Hannah's ideal home is a quieter home with few to no stairs, although she goes up and down them with little problem.  However, as she ages they may pose more of a challenge.  As a senior, Hannah would probably appreciate a home without children, or perhaps with children who are older than 12.  Hannah would do well as an "only" dog, but would also be fine with a male or laid back female as a companion.  Hannah is a spirited girl and needs any other dog(s) living in the home to recognize her superiority! :)  She enjoys her walks, and has no problem going at a quicker pace.  (As a tripod, it's easier for her to move at a "loping" pace.  A slow walk means she is bouncing up and down, requiring more energy and jostling.)  Hannah will not need any special care as a tripod, and in fact is likely more comfortable now than she has been since she first broke her toe and ended up in a splint.  If you have room in your home and your heart to share with this very special greyhound, Hannah will make a wonderful and loving companion.       
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Our most heartfelt thanks to those who have been compelled by Hannah's story to make a donation towards her care.  Your generosity is so very much appreciated!



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