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Articles on Greyhounds and Dogs in general:
Dogs and Summer Lawns (.pdf) Dogs and Expecting New Baby (.pdf)
Separation Anxiety (.pdf) Spay Neuter (.pdf)
Lure Coursing and the Racing Greyhound Retractable Leads: a Deadly Invention
Why Adopt from Us? Blood Donations
Corns in Greyhounds Canine Flu
Warning Dog Owners: Raisins Seminar Talk by Kathleen Gilley
5000 Years - For a Single Purpose Grassmere Animal Hospital - "Greyhounds"
Coccidiomycosis Article from "The Cochrane Eagle"
10 Reasons NOT to Adopt a Greyhound! Accupressure Point for Bloat


We would like to thank the authors of the above articles for granting us permission to post their interesting and thought provoking works.  Also, thanks to Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue and Relaena Sindelar for allowing us to include the SPDR newsletters.  The information contained in these articles is beneficial to all dog owners, and we are very pleased to be able to share it with you here!

Greyhound Owner's Manuals:

Greyhound Gang
Heart of Texas Greyhound Adoption
Rocky Mountain Greyhound Adoption

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